Why Raw / Vegan…

ee8a70c01d0f6b0871e62c7f35faf1a4When you say the words ‘raw’ and ‘vegan’ to people, you can get mixed reactions. Sometimes you can be dismissed as another peace-loving hippy, other times you can have people who are really interested in what a raw vegan lifestyle is like and what the benefits are.

We live in a precarious time where we can often feel helpless in the plight to change the world and make it a better, more harmonious place to reside. Yet we always have a choice, and every choice we make is a stand for what we want to see in the world around us.

I try not to be a judgmental person and I try not to ever push my own beliefs onto others. At the same time, the more I grow and the more I learn, the more I see that there is a need to share information and positively educate the people around us where we can and in the right way.


Eating a raw vegan lifestyle has many benefits- both in terms of your physical health and wellbeing, but also in regards to our greater world, to the animals that we share this planet with, to our water, our land, our air- everything.

Raw vegan living doesn’t need to be restrictive, difficult or negatively impact your life in any way at all. Instead, adding more raw and vegan food to your diet will immediately result in positive, noticeable outcomes. When we shift our attention and become more aware of the food we are placing in our bodies, the more that change in the right direction becomes unavoidable.

Not to mention, raw vegan food tastes incredible! It is fresh, alive and nourishing. It is creative, adaptable and nutritious. While your body will feel lighter and more vibrant, you can feel wonderful about making a real, positive change in the world.


So what is it that is so special about Raw Living Food?!

kiwiloveRaw living foods are whole and unprocessed and therefore they contain their full range of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their natural form. These living foods are complete with all the enzymes necessary to turn food into energy that the body can readily use.

Studies have proven that when food is heated above 45 degrees Celsius, the enzymes in food begin to be affected. Once food is heated to over 50 degrees, 100% of the enzymes are destroyed, 70-80% of the vitamins are no longer apparent and the ability to assimilate protein is reduced by 50%. Furthermore, at these high temperatures, pesticides and fungicides begin to break down and form toxic compounds in the body, which increases free radical production and escalates the possibility of illness and disease.

Cooked, processed and flesh foods also require the pancreas to produce additional enzymes for digestion which places stress on the body and yields less overall energy for the body to use. Therefore it makes sense that the closer food remains to its natural state, the more energy it contains, making it easier for the body to identify, digest and assimilate nutrients and use this energy for the regeneration of cells, tissues, blood and bones.
Raw living food exists at its optimal peak and is a brilliant prescription for health and longevity. Studies have shown that people who eat a high percentage of living and organic food are free from most illnesses, have greater mental clarity and higher overall energy levels. A study of long-term raw foodists found that prior to being raw, 53% reported getting colds and flues. After going raw, this dropped to only 3%. Digestive issues decreased from 73% to 22%, body odor and bad breath disappeared and sensory functions were reported as being heightened. 81% of participants reported feeling better mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


People who have been eating a high percentage of cooked, processed and flesh foods throughout their lives may initially feel the detoxification effects more strongly when switching to a live food diet. Even increasing the percentage of raw foods in your diet can cause the body to display cleansing and detox symptoms.

The human body however is innately intelligent and when introduced to a higher intake of living foods, it very rapidly begins to restore the body to a more natural state of equilibrium. Once the stored toxins have been released from the body, you will soon experience a light, joyous and vibrant way of being that is our natural birthright.

1495451_10152114383806250_1183829224_nWhen referring to raw living foods, this generally includes ripe or dried fruits, fresh greens, vegetables and herbs, sprouted nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, sprouted alkaline grains such as buckwheat, linseed and quinoa, superfoods such as maca, cacao, goji berries, spirulina, hemp seeds and foods high in healthy fats such as avocado, coconut, olives and durian. These foods contain the highest percentage of natural concentrated energy and life force and are the most ideal nourishment for vibrant living.

Far from a raw food diet to be one of deprivation, raw plant-based foods are massively diverse and abundant. 99.99% of all the food on the earth is raw plant food! Eating these foods provides the body with an unlimited variety of food choices.


Even if you were to taste something new everyday for the next one hundred years, you would still not come close to sampling even 1% of what is available on the planet! There are over 500 varieties of avocados, are least 80 varieties of persimmon and even over 300 types of durian.

Following a raw food diet is one rich in natural pleasures and very soon you will watch your old habits and food cravings fade away as your body becomes more in tune with living amidst and delighting in the simple yet abundant gifts of nature.

Raw foods beautifies the body, mind and spirit. They carry with them the vitality of health and life- the vibrant sun energy that nourishes all life on Earth. By taking these foods into your body, you can overcome any health challenge, you can improve your life in every way. For when your health improves, every other aspect of your life improves simultaneously.’ ~ David Wolfe.