To a Happy & Healthy 2017

The start of a new year is always characterized by resolutions. It is indeed the perfect time to reflect on the year that has been and begin to focus forwards about what you would love to see actualize on the 365 days that lay ahead fresh in front of you.

While these goals may be about work, family, travel or personal achievements, health and wellbeing tend to always top the list for something that we wish to focus some dedicated attention on. Perhaps this is event more accentuated by a couple of weeks of indulgence that characterize the Christmas and New Year cheer.

Making enormous declarations and setting unrealistic or unmanageable goals for yourself isn’t always the best way to leap into January. While these goals may seem enthusiastic, the inability to conquer grand resolutions from the get go can often lead to us feeling a little disheartened and throwing in the towel before Australia Day arrives!

So, try setting achievable goals- things you feel passionate about, ideas that make you light up inside and feel positive. Think about ways you can achieve your health and wellness goals that don’t include you cringing, binging or whinging! Choosing small goals that excite you and that you can easily incorporate into your daily life are indeed the best course of action. As you achieve these simple yet transformative goals, you automatically feel empowered, inspired and capable of continually revaluating and building on your goals as the year progresses.

The bottom line is- your health and wellness should always be a priority. Enjoy allocating time to nourish and look after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Here are some tips below that will help you ease into 2017 with joyful action.

  • Going cold turkey on anything is a path that certainly doesn’t work for most! If youre looking to radically change your diet, look at the first steps that you can take to achieve this goal. For example, if you are looking to cut out dairy from your diet, start with cutting out milk and switching to a plant based option. Then start researching dairy alternatives for things like yogurt, cheese, cream and condiments. Choose one category of dairy to switch each week and enjoy trying new ingredients and products. Do your research rather than jump head first into the deep end and find yourself floundering! This course of action can work with anything you are looking to reduce or eliminate from your diet- meat, sugar, wheat, processes foods, alcohol. Take small steps and enjoy the experience rather than feeling deprived, anxious or overwhelmed.


  • If sweating out at the gym on a treadmill immediately fills you with dread, rest assured that this is by no means the only way to stay fit and active. Find ways of moving your body that you enjoy– get out into nature, research local walking trials, try something new like pilates or surfing, revisit childhood passions like skate boarding or bike riding. Find someone who you enjoy being with that can offer support, accountability and cheerful banter. If youre schedule is tight, switch on your computer and ask good old Google for some advice. There are plenty of wonderful online training programs now that allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Also take a look into what your local area offers- find a new yoga studio, try an outdoor morning group fitness group, pick up a timetable at the local gym for unique and diverse fitness classes. The options are endless.


  • Im hoping that 2017 is the year where busy-ness looses its appeal and glory. Slowing down and enjoying life, investing time in the little things, finding moments of stillness and peace- these are so rewarding, and indeed so necessary. Try setting your alarm even 10 minutes earlier this year to include a few moments of peaceful meditation, goal setting or practicing gratitude. Studies continue to show how powerful these simple techniques are. Even a quiet cup of tea, a few words scrawled in a journal or a few moments drinking in the sunshine- all of these can do wonders for our mental and emotional state. We are never too busy to take ten minutes our of our day- think of how much time to allocate to social media per day and redirect 10 minutes to something deeply soothing.


  • Lets face it- life is short. How often do you find yourself thinking about something you would love to do and you allocate it to ‘some day.’ Reaching goals requires mindful action. If you dream of visiting Italy- book a flight. If you want to try your hand at pottery- book a class. If you want to study astrology- find a course. If you have always dreamed of writing a book- start that first chapter. Do you have an idea for a small business that sets your heart aflutter- take the idea seriously. Try thinking about one major thing you would love to do this year, and take the first steps to making it a reality. Set yourself deadlines and treat it as though you would any other deadline. Don’t allow your inner critic to tell you you’re not worthy or there are things that are more important- you are worthy and your dreams are important.


Let 2017 be a year of positive and mindful action. The power is in your hands.