This Rawsome Vegan Girl…

I think it would be safe to say that ‘This Rawsome Vegan Life’ was one of the very first Raw Food blogs I ever started following, and that I still follow religiously to this day! When people ask me about raw food and inspiration for recipes, the title of this blog falls from my lips more often than not before my own blog title does!


What I adore and admire about ‘This Rawsome Vegan Life’ is the girl behind the written words and fun images. Emily doesn’t strike me as your usual foodie blogger. She has no agenda, she doesn’t try and sell you a vegan life or push her (amazing!) books on you. She simply loves the way she lives, the food she eats, the people she shares that with- and her blog is an outward extension of that. Without trying to put Emily into a ‘girl next door’ box, she feels real, genuine, approachable and unique, even a little quirky (which is probably also what I love!)


A little while ago she posted a photo of a smoothie she had made for her and her partner Jack and she had asked him, what caption should I use for this image, and he had replied, ‘Something about a smoothie you made for me and you.’

That summed it up for me- Here is a girl who is living her life in a way that is ethical, conscious and sustainable, she shops at Farmers Markets and she grows her own veggies, she loves sweet potatoes and she makes ice-cream out of frozen fruit, she hangs out with friends and loves animals- but she doesn’t yell from the rooftops, she doesn’t use hashtags nor twitter, she doesn’t have a PA or a VA or a team of ghost writers. And thats what I admire- Emily shares from the heart and inspires by example. She expresses her amazement that her instagram page just reached 18,000 followers and she still replies to all the threads and comments on her posts. This is while she studies full time at university.

When I reached out to Emily (yesterday mind you!) I didn’t even really expect a reply. I just wanted to tell her how much I  appreciated what she shares and how much she has inspired me. Within an hour she had replied and said she would love to answer any questions I had. By the morning, the answers were waiting for me in my inbox. ‘Done and done :)’ she said.

10392314_771400306231531_5586047935593158044_nIn this crazy arena of blogging and social media, you can feel very close to people, you can have an intimate idea of what they eat for breakfast and what socks they wear to bed , yet you never really know whats going on in-between posts and uploads. For Emily, you do- she is whipping up smoothies for the people she loves, has her nose deep in books because she loves to learn, she is frolicking in nature because four walls drive her insane. She is the girl who very occasionally will step in front of the camera, and when she does, she is all that you thought (and hoped) she would be…


1. I love that you pretty much just ‘woke up one day and decided to be vegan.’ Have you found that your commitment to a vegan lifestyle has really transformed who you are as a person?


Thank you! Definitely. Living a vegan lifestyle is more than just not eating animal products. It is a holistic approach to sustainability, compassion and long term wellness (mental and physical). I am 21 now, and I chose to go vegan at 16; these years have taught me so much in the way of caring for the planet, myself and others with equality and love in mind. I have become more connected, grounded and at peace with my own mind and body, and the world around me. Being vegan is being aware, and it means you care.

2-With so many health blogs out there I feel that many of them have a clear agenda or sales pitch where as yours always feels as though you are simply sharing what you love because you feel so inspired to. Does that ring true for you?

Haha phew! That’s a relief. And yes it is the truth as well! I am genuinely just concerned with improving people’s lives through healthy food. We cannot reach our highest potential level of happiness if we aren’t healthy. I see what I do as opening people’s eyes to the reality that vegan food can actually be synonymous with delicious food. At this point in time I just have to keep working to break down those stereotypes. I also want to keep promoting a plant-based lifestyle for our fellow non-human earthlings. When I first became vegan it was largely because I wanted to be as healthy as possible, but now I will always stay vegan for the animals. No one should have to be murdered for my breakfast, lunch or dinner and that is the bottom line for me.

3-How do you think This Rawsome Vegan Life will be affected when you start your university studies? Will it still be a main part of your life?

Actually I have been in university for 3 years, and I just started my new semester a few months ago! It’s still a main part of my life. I consider it a full time job. Being a professional blogger is a unique “job” because your personal life and work life are one and the same. Fortunately I have been able to find a productive balance between studying for school and maintaing my blog. It has a lot to do with list-making and routine.

4- Have you found the people around you have adopted some of your ways of eating and living just as a result of being around you?

10635843_763635980341297_8784404544319321624_nOh for sure! Basically all my close friends are vegan or vegetarian now. And every guy I have ever dated went vegetarian or vegan within a few months of the relationship. My parents have also gradually transitioned to a predominantly vegan diet simply because they discovered they feel best eating that way. In every case, I wasn’t even pushy! I like to believe inspiration by example is the most effective way to get people on your bandwagon. By making, eating and sharing my food with people, and often talking about how great it makes me feel, all my loved ones have jumped in on the vegan party! We DO have banana ice cream…

5-I know you go a little stir crazy in cities! How does being in nature influence your ways of living and sharing as you do?

Haha… yes. The urban environment is about as far from a natural habitat as one can get. Obviously there are numerous benefits to the city (increased social change, rich culture, idea sharing, etc.) but personally I know I am meant to be living in a rural town surrounded by trees and mountains, with just a few neighbours and a small grocery store. I plan on making this dream a reality after I get my university degree, travel, and eventually find a place I want to call home. Of course, I’ll have to go back into the city every now and then to go dancing! Being in nature connects me to my own soul. It strengthens my body and mind. It makes me feel as one with the universe. The air is fresh, the silence is beautiful.

6-So, Israel has just been released!! What made you choose Israel and are more plans to travel on the cards?

YESSSS!!! Okay actually I will be giving out more details in a blog post soon, but for now I will say this: I was contacted by a wonderful organization called Kinetis whose mission is to increase awareness of the cultural scenes Israel has that no one really knows about. For example: their vegan health food scene! This organization has a program wherein they invite a small group of well known bloggers – in this case, health food bloggers – to Tel Aviv to show them around and expose them to the subject they are passionate about. Me and a few other bloggers will be travelling to organic restaurants, farms and more in the length of a week. I cannot wait!!! I am learning about the middle east in my history class at university right now, so the timing couldn’t be better.

7- Whats the one thing in the world that lights your spirit more than anything?10660143_773485819356313_2134416817779670655_n

My partner, Jack. But also pigs! … and yams! Dammit. I can never pick just one thing.

To read more about Emily, try out some of her recipes and check out her books jump on her website here…