Things I’m Loving Right Now

Its been a little while since I have down a post about ‘Things I’m Loving Right Now!’ Not out of a lack of inspiration! I think everyday I come across gorgeous new products, people and places that are making the world a better place. So here you have it, a little rant on the things that have been rocking my world as of late…


This month I was lucky enough to receive the Spring Vegan Beauty Box, a gorgeous special edition that focused on natural and cruelty free beauty products. My favorite item was this beautiful body serum by The Little Alchemist. With a flavor that reads ‘Lime and White Tea with Acai, Goji Berry and Wheatgrass,’ I was a little in love before I even removed the lid. A light oil that smells divine and leaves your skin incredibly smooth, this is one product that has now given me a beauty regime- Splash face with water, apply gorgeous body serum. Done.

The Little Alchemist & The Vegan Box


It is possible that I have already featured Loving Earth before, but really, what’s not to love?! All of their products are vegan, fair-trade, environmentally friendly, free from gluten, sugar and nasties, and of course, taste absolutely divine. This month they released two new chocolate flavours- salted caramel and coconut mylk. Along with new Turkish Delight Luvju Bars. With Turkish Delight once being my favorite treat that I thought I had kissed goodbye for good, this additional was rather exiting. And yes, utterly divine.

Visit Loving Earth (yes you can buy online!)


A couple of weeks ago I ventured down to the Byron Bay markets and found this wonderful tea called Clean Tea. Their whole range is utterly spectacular, but what caught my eye in particular was their Green Smoothie Tea. A tea which can be brewed and enjoyed hot, or added to smoothies and enjoyed cold! What a fabulous idea! With ingredients such as chia seeds, vanilla bean, acai and coconut, this is one tea that can be used all year round!

Visit Clean Tea


I wouldn’t call myself a magazine junkie, but I do love a couple- Peppermint Magazine is one, Green Lifestyle Mag is another, and this last month I discovered a new additional to my book shelves- Slow Living. Slow Living features articles based around- you guessed it- taking things back to their roots. Think fair trade, organic cotton, retreats, home cooking, DIY projects, green holidays, sustainable living- all of this is covered in this fabulous read. Do yourself a favor and ditch the latest Frankie. Head to the slow lane, its where things are at.

Check out Slow Living


The other pages that are stealing my attention at the moment is this fabulous new cookbook. The Green Kitchen is from the beautiful couple behind Green Kitchen Stories- one of my all time favorite blogs. Filled with stunning recipes, gorgeous photography and whimsical words, I have just about every second page dog-earred to return to! Found in all good book stores or order online, this is one vegetarain cookbook that will have even the biggest meat lover swooning.

Take a peek at the Blog Green Kitchen Stories


Two dear friends of mine have just taken the leap and started their own business! Both health nuts and wizzes in the kitchen, this creative duo have just launched The Monday Food Co- specialising in delicious Paleo Granola. 100% organic and made fresh in small batches, this granola really is out of this world. In three unique flavours (Pecan, Pear and Vanilla is my fav!) this is no ordinary breakfast cereal, but rather a wholesome, tasty, satisfying delight that you can enjoy any time of the day either with your favourite nut milk or just as a snack on its own! Their online store is now live so purchase some and try it out for yourself!

Get to know The Monday Food Co


Last but not least, another fabulous company that I work with is Naked Treaties- a raw, organic vegan company based here in Byron Bay. This last month we have released our brand new Smoothie Mixes- four superfood blends that are based on our most popular and loved smoothies. The ‘I Am Amazeballs’ has been my favorite smoothie since Naked Treaties opened their doors years ago, and their mix is just like bringing the Raw Bar home with me! A gorgeous blend of vanilla protein (sprouted organic brown rice), maca, mequite, lucuma and supergreens, this is one smoothie mix that keeps my smoothies delicious and power packed!Right now the mixes are only available at the Raw Bar in Byron Bay but the online store is not too far away so stay tuned…

Visit Naked Treaties