Things I’m Loving Right Now

I am really enjoying these ‘Things I’m Loving Right Now’ posts, mainly because its a great excuse to treat myself to a new product each week be it a raw vegan ice-cream or new magazine in the case of this week! The other thing I really love is it is so inspiring to see so many new ethical and healthy products appearing on shelves everywhere I look and meeting people who have such a wonderful mission to spread wellness through their community and the world at large.

I hope you enjoy reading about this weeks goodies and give them a go yourself!

Kitty Kadambas Raw Ice Cream:

People have been raving about these new raw vegan ice creams and I had yet to try them. I saw them in my local health food store all through the summer, but perhaps like many people, I found it hard to justify spending nine dollars on one ice-cream! Alas, working in the raw vegan world, I should have known that with such a price tag comes real quality and indulgence! These are amazing. I will go so far as to say that they are the BEST raw vegan dessert I have yet to taste, and that includes my wanders through the menu at places like Cafe Gratitude and Naked Treaties! (Whose desserts are all incredible too!) These ice-cream bars have a crunchy chocolate cookie base and topping that hold a creamy, melt in your mouth ice-cream bar that is not too sweet and perfectly well rounded in taste and texture. I got the peppermint flavour and actually shared it with my partner, but next time, we will wave away the eighteen dollars and splurge on one each! These are definitely worth it!


Peppermint Magazine:

Peppermint magazine is one magazine that you can feel good about buying! Printed in Melbourne on certified paper and printing presses that comply with environmentally sustainable practices, this is one magazine that walks its talk! From eco-friendly fashion to healthy recipes to articles on sustainable living, Peppermint mag is about inspiring you to reduce your carbon footprint in a way that is simple, fun and certainly funky! Unfortunately it only comes out seasonally but it is so jam packed full of info and tips that it is a great resource to have on hand for three months in-between new issues.


Pukkah Tea:

Winter is all about tea really isn’t it? There is nothing that feels more satisfying and luxurious than sinking down in a puddle of cushions with a good book and hot cup of tea. Usually, I am either a chai lover or a hot lemon and ginger fan, but then I found Pukkah Teas. These teas are so beautiful, even their packaging is divine, and with names that span  from Love to Relax to Harmonise to Revitailse, there really is a tea for every mood and flavour. The ‘Love’ tea is one I have going this week and it is a beautiful blend of organic rose, chamomile and lavender. Every different one I have tried has been a subtle yet robust brew of goodness that you can actually feel swimming through your body. Found in most good health food stores or online, give these a try to ward away the winter blues!


Eco Jarz:

In my opinion, takeaway cups and plastic bottles should be a thing of the past. There are so many options now out there for reusable drinking bottles, coffee cups, tea flasks and more, that having a drinking vessel on you at any time of the day should be second nature. Not only are there a huge range that fit every budget, there are so many cool and groovy ones out there that my main difficulty is choosing which to use! I discovered Eco Jarz online first and then found them at the Noosa Farmers Market with one of my favourite stalls, the Sunflower Hotel. (These guys do the BEST smoothies ever!) Eco Jarz are an American Company that have taken over the world with their awesome range of glass jars and interchangeable lids  and they come complete with a stainless steel drinking straw. These jars are durable, easy to use, can be resealed and are also just lots of fun! They seem to be available in many health food stores and kitchen stores now but you can also buy online here…


Shakti’s Soul Food Book:

Although I  have yet to meet Shakti from the Holistic Chef, I feel like I know her personally after many emails back and forth over the course of the last year or so! Shakti is most widely known for her beautiful superfood mix called Shakti’s Superfood Blend which can be found in many health food stores across Australia (and also online). What I later discovered was that not only has Shakti developed a supreme and unique product loaded with the best superfoods on the planet, she is also a fabulous chef! Her book Soul Foods is one of the most beautiful recipes books I have seen and wins the award for being the only recipe book I have ever looked through and known that I would be making every single recipe that graced the pages! It is beautifully shot and every dish includes Shakti’s superfood blend, so obviously, each one is also highly nutritious and revitalising. From smoothies to snacks to main dishes and desserts, all of the recipes featured are gluten free, dairy free and 95% raw. Avaliable in hard copy and in e-book form on her website, this is one book that you will use over and over again with positively glowing results!



I hope you have enjoyed this weeks little dose of inspiration!

Ill leave you with a sneak at Shakti’s e-book and a special one of her recipes to try…

Trust me, you will want to try them all!

Until next time..