My Journey to Raw Living Food

While food had once been my greatest enemy, when the decision had been made to return to this life I had been gifted with, food became my saving grace – ironically, the very thing that shattered me made me whole again. The only way that I could allow food back into my body was to break it down – what was it doing for me, how was this apple, for example, a clever amalgamation of vitamins and minerals, a scientific formula that could patchwork the pieces of my body back together again. As my physical body gained strength and my emotional body gained clarity, food soon became something to enjoy and to share, something that was to be respected and blessed. Food became a way to nourish and nurture, to enliven and inspire, to activate and educate. I had been vegetarian since the age of fifteen, yet my travels abroad introduced me to the wider world of veganism and raw living food. Nesting in the city of San Francisco, I happened to stumble into Café Gratitude one sunny Spring day, and my understanding of food as medicine, of food as life-force, of food as family and community, took on a whole new meaning.

I would spend my days cycling the city to farmers’ markets, coming home to create in the kitchen, merging local produce with exotic flavours, experimenting with different ideas and tweaking old favourite recipes, finding ways to surprise and entice the taste buds of those around me who never actually realized I had quietly enlisted them into a world of raw veganism.


My love of serving wholesome nourishing food carried me further around the globe, working in raw food restaurants in Canada, in wellness centres and health resorts in Thailand, at trainings and retreats in Bali, in marketplaces in California, on permaculture farms in Costa Rica and back home to Byron Bay to carry on my work at the local markets, assisting on health retreats and creating and sharing living food within the Little Shop of Smiles.

My original desire was to assist people on their own path back to health, to demonstrate that inner peace and radiance exists within everyone. My quest was to make raw vegan food enjoyable and exciting, decadent and nourishing, but still simple and accessible.  My desire to share has now also taken on a more active role. I feel a greater need and urgency to educate not only for the sake of others’ own health and vitality, but for the state of our planet and all of the innocent beings that we share this home with.

I feel as my own journey progresses and as the world continues to change, that the need to focus more on an organic, plant-based diet is of utmost importance, and my hope is to inspire and educate, through gentle example and beautiful food, just how simple this can be.

I have discovered that we are indeed powerful beyond measure, that one person’s actions can make a difference, that one step in the right direction will be supported by a thousand more to follow.

I have learned that as you step onto the path of self love and self nourishment and as you foray deeper into the world of plant-based living, your eyes and your heart become opened to so much more. You change. You see. You feel. And then, you act.

Every day I see new websites and blogs dedicated to raw vegan food which stokes the light in my heart. Yet I see very little focusing on the greater potential of this way of living for the good of our planet and animals.


While I am happy to share a kick-ass recipe for raw vegan chocolate brownies that will make you look and feel incredible, I am equally inspired to share this recipe because I am aware that this raw vegan version is saving a dairy cow, is reducing CO2 emissions into our atmosphere, is saving a battery hen, is saving palm trees and orangutans in Borneo, is assisting cacao farmers in Bali, is diminishing the hold of the sugar companies, is fighting against the pharmaceutical companies, is reducing the plastic in our oceans, is supporting our local farmers and is reducing the need for chemicals in our food.

I believe raw vegan food nourishes and fuels our bodies on so many levels, because, on a deeper level, we are aware of the greater benefits that our choices are contributing too.

Raw vegan food is fun, it is easy, it is adaptable and creative. It is not just for hippies or health freaks, for hipsters or tree huggers. It is as much for me, as it is for you.

So come and dive down the rabbit hole with me, I promise, you will find far more than carrots awaiting…